Discount Bank is working for the community with a comprehensive management approach that views the activity for the community as part of the business, social and cultural commitment.
The Bank focuses its activity on social mobility – supporting the social and geographic periphery in Israel through education, knowledge and employment encouragement for work-challenged segments of the population.
As an expression of this concept, Discount Bank operates towards the creation of social and economic prominence, encourages its employees to volunteer in aid of the community, and endeavors to tighten the bond with the community within the framework of collaborations and various projects.
The social activity of the Bank in the community is expressed in five layers:

  • Strategic cooperation ("Discount Sprint for the Future" and additional programs)
  • Promoting employment diversity and inclusion
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Donations, sponsorships and additional projects
  • Impact investments


Within that, approx. NIS 16 million for Education and knowledge. The scope of investment by the Discount group in the community totaled approx. NIS 23.7 million