ESG at Discount Bank

As a leading financial organization, Discount Bank is an integral part of the economy and society of Israel. We believe that we cannot achieve greatness without the community and make an effort to never lose sight of the community in which and for which we operate. The activity and impact of the Bank, in Environmental, Social and Governance matters, are reflected in high scores on ESG ratings. In addition, the bank has issued a social responsibility report based on GRI guidelines.

CSR and Corporate Governance

Committed to the Community - in Every Sense of the Word
Within the scope of its social involvement and commitment, Discount Group will continue to take measures to advance weak populations and encourage its employees to participate in community activities, thereby strengthening its social contribution both as an organization and at the individual level. Furthermore, the Group is proactive in integrating environmental considerations into its business strategy and credit policy, and will continue being so.
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Corporate Responsibility Reports and Ratings
Ma'aleh rating
The Ma'aleh rating is a local rating of leading companies in Israel, based on a questionnaire that reviews company performance regarding six social responsibility criteria. Discount Bank is rated Platinum Plus (the highest rating).
The bank is also involved with Ma'aleh leadership to promote this issue in Israel.
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EIRIS reporting for investors
EIRIS = Ethical Investment Research and Information ServiceThe bank provides EIRIS with clarifications and updates used to form an assessment of the bank's corporate responsibility performance - for responsible investors world-wide.

Annual progress report to Global Compact
The annual progress report to Global Compact is provided based on the UN initiative for implementing guidelines for human rights, work environment, environmental protection and fighting corruption.

Reporting based on GRI guidelines
The bank issues corporate responsibility reports on its investment performance in the community, environmental protection, investment in employees, human rights and supply chain.
The first corporate responsibility report was issued in 2005, with a further report issued in 2009 and as of 2014; the bank intends to issue this report every two years, as stipulated in the Supervisor of Banks' directives on this issue.

Reporting to Ministry of Environmental Protection on greenhouse gas emissions
Reporting to the Ministry of Environmental Protection on greenhouse gas emissions is an annual voluntary report, issued since 2012, which reviews the bank's greenhouse gas emissions. The most recent report was issued in June 2017.
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