ESG strategy

Discount Bank, which raised the banner of becoming the best financial institution for its customers, takes another step in the implementation of its vision and build its ESG strategy, focusing on three key areas: 
  1. Social mobility and financial inclusion – promotion of enabling banking, which acts toward increasing financial accessibility for disadvantage populations, alongside support for actions contributing to the reduction of gaps in the social and geographic peripheral areas in Israel through education and knowledge.
  2. Diverse and egalitarian employment – promotion of employment diversity and employing staff at the Bank coming from employment of challenged sectors, alongside the supporting of plans enlarging employment of such sectors in the Israeli economy as a whole. Alongside this the Bank will act towards the creation of an embracing and enabling work environment.
  3. Green future – Promotion of green conduct in the Bank's operating and business activity, with a view of reducing its environmental effects.

Annual contributions

NIS 6.6 billion Balance of credit granted to environmental projects (as of 13.12.2022)
NIS 41.2 billion credit granted for small and minute businesses
 NIS 23.7 million investments in the community
14.1% employees belonging to under-represented population 
2.5% reduction in the carbon footprint of the bank's operational activities (compared with 2021)
91% of the purchases made by the bank are from local suppliers

Our commitment for sustainable future 

Discount bank has made a series of public commitments that reflects its commitment to responsible and sustainable banking:
target for 2030  
NIS 12 billion Increasing the scope of finance for environmental projects
40% (compared with 2022) Increasing the scope of finance for environmental projects
50% Ratio of female employees in the Management echelon shall not be lower than
(the senior Management forum of the Bank*)
25% The ratio of engaging new employees from under-represented population to total number of new employees
30% Maintaining a ratio for female representation on the Board of Directors of at least