Accessibility Declaration

Approximately 20% of Israelis have various degrees of disability. A person with disabilities is a person with a physical, mental, or intellectual, including cognitive, impairment, whether permanent or temporary, which substantially limits functioning in one or more of the central spheres of life.

It is very important to Discount to make our services and facilities accessible to people with disabilities. The bank has worked continuously to improve accessibility, investing significant resources to achieve this goal. These activities are carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, and the regulations promulgated thereunder.

As part of the bank’s activities, we launched the “Accessible Discount” project, focusing on the implementation of accessibility changes to buildings, infrastructures, and the environment as well as to the services offered by the bank.

Set forth below is information about all of Discount's accessibility arrangements, including accessibility at branches, services, and digital banking.


How to reach us with requests and suggestions for improving accessibility

Please note that we continue our efforts to improve accessibility as part of our commitment to allow people from all walks of life, including people with disabilities, to receive the most accessible services possible.

If you encounter any accessibility-related problems or issues, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to find a suitable solution for you and address these issues as soon as possible.

Contact information for the accessibility coordinator at Discount

  • Name: Tamir Rom
  • Mailing address: 160 Herzl St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • Email address:


Publication of accessibility declaration

The accessibility declaration was updated on: 21.08.2021