ESG Reports

The Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) is an expression of the Bank's commitment to these issues and of their importance as part of the Discount Group's organizational culture.
The Report is intended to serve the Bank’s stakeholders and to assist in promoting dialogue and in the strengthening of the relationship and cooperation with them.
Discount's annually ESG reports reviews the activities of the bank and its material implications, and relates to the activities of the principal companies in the Group – Israel Discount bank Ltd., Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd., ICC and IDB Bank.

Social Report 2022
Social Report 2021
Social Report 2019
Social Report 2018
Social Report 2017
Social Report 2016
Social Report 2015
Social Report 2014
Social Report 2013


Commitments and agreements
As part of Discount bank commitment to ESG initiatives, the bank is a member or signatories of the following: