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Welcome to the internet website ("the website") of Israel Discount Bank Ltd. ("the Bank").

These terms and conditions of use specify what is permitted and what is prohibited when using the website, and specify the Bank's liability for the information contained herein.

Use of the website is subject to these terms and conditions, and is evidence of your consent thereto- therefore, we ask you to read them carefully.

The terms and conditions are worded in masculine form for convenience only, but are intended for both men and women.

Some of the information on the website is provided in text, some in pictures and other visualizations and some using tools such as calculators ("the information"). These terms and conditions of use apply to all of the information and services on the website.


The information on the website is designed to assist you with preliminary queries.

As such, the information is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive, and is not intended to replace official Bank publications.

Furthermore, the information onthe website is current as of its initial publication. Please be advised that following such initial publication, there may be changes which are yet to be reflected on the website.

Therefore, the information is not part of the official publications that are binding on the Bank; it is not part of Bank documents and does not substitute them.

In any event of a contradiction between such documents and the information, Bank publications and documents shall prevail over the information provided onthe website.

We constantly strive to ensure that information onthe website is verified, current and free of error. However, this information may be subject to mistakes, typos and other errors from time to time. In such instance, only the Bank's official publications and documents shall be binding.

The information is provided as-is on the website. It is not intended to fit the needs, capabilities and objectives of each and every person.

The website pages and information do not constitute any proposal, guidance, solicitation or advice on conducting any transactions, investments or actions by the Bank, and areno substitute for professional, personalized advice or care which takes into consideration each client's personal information.

Personal advice requires familiarity with the specific circumstances of each case. Such familiarity is not feasible using the website.

The Bank is not liable in any way for any damage or loss which may be incurred due to exclusive reliance on the information presented onthis website.

The calculators on the website are intended to help you as a tool for planning loans you wish to apply for. You should not rely on these without a separate review of your means and objectives. The Bank staff is at your service for such review.

The website contains a glossary of terms and definitions. It is intended to help you understand terms which you may encounter during the loan application process. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of explanations provided on the website, such explanations are not legally binding and should not be construed as legally valid. They are not exhaustive and are merely intended for general knowledge and understanding.


Intellectual property

The website pages and the information there inconstitute private property of the Bank.

You may use the information for your personal and private purposes only. Property rights to the information, including distribution rights and any other intellectual property rights with respect to the informationare owned by the Bank, unless otherwise indicated.

The information may not be copied, published, displayed in public, provided to the public or used for any other purpose, and especially not for any commercial purpose.

The marks and names on the website are the Bank's proprietary trade marks and names and may not be used in any way that infringes on the Bank's property rights to such marks.

  • No item of information, software or services from this website may be changed, copied, distributed, broadcast, presented, executed, photocopied, published or sold.
  • The information may not be scanned, copied, accessed or used by use of software for automated information retrieval, such as Robots, Crawlers etc.
  • Such software may not be used to copy information into any database, digest, internet website or any other computer software other than the website itself.
  • The website or any part thereof may not be displayed in a frame, whether visible or invisible.
  • The website or any part thereof may not be displayed in any way - including by any software, device, accessory or communications protocol - which modifies the website design or removes any information from the website (including the Bank's trade marks).
  • No links to the website are permitted from any website containing pornographic content, content which incites to racism or prohibited discrimination, or which contravenes the law or which publication contravenes the law or which promote activity in contravention of the law.
  • Links to complete website pages are permitted, without removing any information therein and provided that access to such pages is identical to the access to such pages from the website itself.
  • No links are permitted to information onthe website which is disconnected from the web pages on which such information appears. For example, direct links to an image or to a Flash file are forbidden.
  • When linking, the exact URL of the web page on the website must appear in the designated location within the user interface, such as the address bar of the user's browser.
  • This URL may not be modified, distorted or hidden, nor may it be replaced by any other URL.

At the Bank's discretion, the Bank may instruct you to remove any link which deviates from these terms and conditions, as may be from time to time.


Contact us

You may contact us through the website to obtain information about products and services in which you have an interest.

When contacting us, you will be asked to provide personal information, such as your name, ID and contact information.

Providing information which is incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect may prevent us from contacting you or may result in us providing you with wrong information about products and services in which you have an interest.

The information you provide will be retained in the information database owned by the Bank.

The Bank will only use such information in conformity with the website's privacy policy.


Links on the website

This website may contain links to other websites that are not operated by the Bank, and to online information that does not originate with the Bank.

We are not the publishers of such websites or such information, and we neither control nor supervise them.

Please be advised that the fact that the website contains links to such websites and information does not indicate the Bank approved the content thereof and is no guarantee as to its reliability, currency, legality, the proper privacy measures taken by the content's owners, or any other operational aspect.

Therefore, the Bank is not liable in any way for the content which appears therein and/or for any activity on suchwebsites and/or for that various services offered by these websites, and shall not be liable for any outcomedue to reliance on such websites and information, or the use thereof.

The Bank, in its discretion, may remove previously included links from the website.



We respect the privacy of website users; and take strict information security measures.

The information you provide on the website may be retained in the Bank's information repositories, and the Bank may operate software that collects information about your activity on the website, and may offer you banking services based on such information. By using the website, you explicitly consent to the aforementioned.