Promoting Green Future

Discount bank seeks to maintain a proper balance between business activity and environmental protection.
The bank endeavors to create a positive impact through environmental risk management and opportunities in its business activities and through saving and efficiencies in its operational routine.

  • Encouraging green conduct by customers
    The bank offers credit and financing the operations of a company producing green products that contribute to the protection of the quality of the environment, or credit for environmental projects.
    In 2022, the scope of Discount's environmental credit stood approx. NIS 6.6 billion.
  • Promoting green conduct within the bank
    Establishment of the Discount Campus – In the past year, Discount group has moved to its new residental at Rishon Le'Tzion. The Discount Campus is planned in accordance with strict environmental standards, while being based on green construction principles and qualified in accordance with the LEED V4 rating of the U.S Green Building Council.

In 2022, Discount Bank managed to achieve a reduction of approx. 2.5% in its overall carbon footprint compared to 2021

Future Goals

Reducing the carbon footprint of the Bank’s operational activities by 40% by 2030, from its 2022 level Increasing the scope of financing for environmental projects by NIS 12 billion by 2030